Close to woman … Close to tradition…

Welcome to Women’s Associations, a tour in  traditional creations of the Greek land  and the progress  of women’s entrepreneurship.

Greece was the crossroad of cultures and tastes and probably the cradle of the Mediterranean diet. Having this as a compass, a group of five fully qualified people proceeded to the creation of the Social Co-operative Company under the name “Women’s Co-operation” and the distinctive title “WOMEN’S ASSOCIATIONS, social co-operative company, “. The company has a social nature and for  this reason it  will offer 1% of its annual turnover to the co-operative associations.

It is about an activity that aims to show off the gastronomic Greek culture, not only in Greek market but in international markets too. The outset of this activity is the passion and the effort of these women who produce the traditional products.

Main ambition is the Greek eating habits to be transmitted and the recipes of these women to be kept unchangeable over time. Through Womenassociations, the consumer will have the chance to start a journey into a world of unique tastes and gastronomic experiences that offer the   pure local products.